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Reasons NOT to Call the Guy

You are out having the time of your life. You meet a WONDERFUL guy who - so far so good - looks like real relationship material. You give him your number, and he gives you his. And thenthe endless litany begins in your head, "When should I call him? Should I wait for him to call me? What will he think if I don't call?" And on and on and on. Let me give you some advice, woman to woman. Women do NOT make the first call.

Do you want to be the one doing the chasing, or do you want him to chase you? 99% of women want the MAN to do the chasing. So let him. It is natural for the man to be the one doing the chasing in a relationship. It's actually innate - take a look at nature.

Who does all the display work to attract a mate? The male. Women let the men display their wares and then pick from the finest. Turn the tables, though, and allow the woman to be the pursuer, and no matter what your intentions, you can come off as needy or worse. The second reason to let the man be the one to make the first call is "the chase".

If a man has to put NO effort into chasing you, you are totally giving him the advantage. He will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he has you where he wants you, and he can call you, see you, or NOT - at his leisure. Now, what else does that do? There is a little thought of side-effect to chasing the man that many women do not even think about. It totally eliminates attraction. Think of dating as a game of cat and mouse. Take the fun out, and who wants to play? He certainly won't.

Third - when you let him call you - you are sending the message that you are IN DEMAND. If this guy wants to date you - if he sees you as valuable and worth pursuing, he is going to believe that other men also see the same thing. So don't call him and tell him HOW available you are! And while you very well MAY BE sitting there waiting for him to call - don't you DARE pick up that phone the first time he does! You are OUT! You are having fun, somewhere, NOT thinking of him.

If you have to duct tape the phone to the wall - do not answer it. Wait a minimum of three hours before calling him back. Better yet, wait until the next day. His imagination will do wonders for YOU. The fourth and final reason you should let the man do the calling, at least in the beginning of the relationship, is simply for your own peace of mind. As a woman, I KNOW how you will sit there and wonder if he is really into you or just being nice.

Well, if he is calling YOU for dates, that takes the wonder out of it. So - always let the man do the calling in the beginning of a relationship. It lets you be the woman, him be the man, and allows the attraction to build naturally between the two of you. Be strong! Don't dial the phone!.

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