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Avoid First Meeting Goof Ups With Eye Contact

If you get a bit nervous or intimidated when you meet new people or see someone that you find attractive, you aren't alone. If you've tried or responded to every pickup line in the book, it can be frustrating to learn how to meet people and have natural conversation. The fact is you can learn how to let people know that you are attracted to them without saying a word. This will take all of those awkward pick up lines and first conversations out of your life for good. Successful meetings are all about eye contact. Generally you only make eye contact with people when you have to, such as when you walk by them, when you are addressing them, or if they are addressing you.

Extra eye contact lets someone know that you are interested in him or her without saying anything. You'll know that they are also interested in you if they look back! How simple is that? This technique works anywhere from the office hallways to the clubs on the weekends. The fact is up to 80% of our communications are not done with words.

What this means is that you don't actually have to say anything to get most of your thoughts and feelings conveyed to those around you. Letting someone know that you are into him or her is no different. What this doesn't mean is that you should go around staring at those you find attractive. Instead, make a point to make eye contact with someone you find attractive. Let a few seconds go by, and then make eye contact again. By looking back a second or even a third time you'll let someone know that you are interested enough in them to take that second look.

If they continue to look back, you're on the right track. If this is someone at work you can do this over a period of time. For instance, a few days in a row you can look at them a few times and hold the eye contact for a bit longer than you usually would, maybe ten seconds. Then, a few days later start to smile or even give a little wave when you do it. If the actions are reciprocated, you know that the feeling and attraction is mutual and then you can advance to where you actually exchange words. If you are dealing with someone you meet in a club, you have a lot less time to let things progress.

You'll want to try to make eye contact several times right away, and then throw in a smile on the third or fourth time. If they smile back or hold the eye contact a bit longer, you can make your move! You may still be a bit nervous about speaking with them, but you'll probably feel a bit more confident that you won't be rejected. We often fumble our words or aren't quite sure what to say when we first meet someone because we fear rejection. Fortunately, eye contact can help you build your confidence before you ever speak a word.

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