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Why Male Lingerie Makes Him Feel Good

You're turning the tables. While men are considered the visual partners of most relationships, why not change the game around a little bit? Men look to lingerie for women to celebrate their bodies and create a romantic and erotic mood, so why can't this be said for themselves? By wearing something as simple as a nice pair of boxers or something satiny, a man can feel like a sort of sex toy for their partner. And who doesn't like to feel like a piece of meat every now and then? Male lingerie makes him feel like the sex object of your desire.

You're hiding the tiny flaws Women aren't the only ones with body issues, so you want to realize this about men and their lingerie. And while your man might not feel like he is sexually fit enough for you, by buying him some male lingerie, you can help him feel more confident and sexy just the way you see him. For the man that might be self conscious about his stomach area, you should look into some silky boxers or a boxer and shirt set. Let him be covered from shoulder to thigh not only will he look hot, but he'll also feel hot as well.

You're pointing out his best feature Male lingerie can draw attention to his best parts (pun absolutely intended). If he's a 'bigger' man than most, why not accentuate this with a tight g string or a nice pouch or thong? Both of these will make your man the stripper or exotic dancer of your dreams. Ask him for a sultry dance and you're sure to see a man who's much more interested in lingerie for himself.

If he has a nice backside, why not dress up those buns in leather or tight shorts? Give him a squeeze and let him know that that you hate to see him go, but love to watch him leave. Men love to show off the parts that please you. You're both dripping with anticipation. Male lingerie makes him feel sexy and desired when you show that you are totally turned on by the display.

Whenever he wears something a little more risque, be sure to show him your anticipation for later activities. And it doesn't have to be a g string or a pouch to be sexy. Anything that goes beyond the tighty whities (ughh) of the everyday will help make him feel sexually charged all day. Heck, why not throw out the old stuff and buy him all new shorts and briefs? Even a jockstrap? Even if he's not with you, he will certainly be thinking of you. Just like a woman in a sultry bra or thong under her business suit, a man in sexy lingerie made for him will be aroused the whole day through. It's the longing that makes lingerie worth it in the end.

He just wants to please you. There's nothing more erotic for a man than to please his partner in any way that he can. When he hears that you are happy about his male lingerie, he will certainly feel more confident about trying new pieces or new adventures in the bedroom.

Men are creatures that thrive on praise and assurance, so be exact about what you enjoy about his body. And then try to find some male lingerie that brings this feature out. If his thighs are rock hard, then you want to find some tight shorts (If he's got a chest to scratch your nails down, then you'll want to treat him to a tighter t shirt or even a leather vest that can cover up that piece of art.

Male lingerie isn't a taboo subject, nor does it make him feminine or wimpy in the bedroom. It's about increasing the ego of your man and making the monster into a tiger that's all the more willing to satisfy you. Again and again.

Shayla Moore is a writer for http://www.oasislingerie.com She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

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