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discover the system to organize your wedding stationary correctly

Wedding stationery is the one item of your wedding that must be planned ahead before anything else. You want your guests to know of your forthcoming wedding well in advance. Your wedding invitation and accessories set the tone for your special day firmly establishing your style and taste.

It is the first official message about your wedding that a guest will receive from you, so make it special. If wedding etiquette is important to you, then make a start with your wedding stationery. Custom Stationery It's only natural that you want your wedding to be unique. By using custom stationery you can make it very unique to you.

Custom stationery is quite flexible too as you can choose the type-face, the color and size of the text and use your own words. Customizing your wedding stationery is easy to fit in with any wedding theme. There are so many styles to choose from: contemporary floral religious classic embossed layered are just a few to pick from. Selecting A Wedding Theme The theme of your stationery should coincide with the overall theme of your wedding. For example, if you are having a garden wedding then you may choose to have a floral print on your stationery items. Accessory items such as white doves, ribbons, rings, hearts etc.

all help to blend your invitations in with the wedding theme. The color of your invitations is sometimes decided by the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Stationery Items There are a vast array of wedding stationery items on offer. With your wedding invitations being the most important, you can follow your invitations with up with stationery accessories:- Wedding Invitations Venue Programs Announcements Engagement Announcements & Invitations Save-the-Date Cards Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Bridal Shower Invitations Wedding Accessories (menu cards, thank you notes etc.

) Plan-Ahead Your first official message about your wedding is letting the guests know by invitations. Let's look at the checklist below to help us plan ahead:- 1. Double-check that the wording in your invitation is correct. Ask a friend or family member to also look through the invitation for you; 2. Order your invitations as soon as your date, time and place have been confirmed.

Three to six months before the ceremony is what most expert planners suggest; 3. A guide to help you count the number of invitations to order, count one invitation per couple, family and single guest. 4. After calculating the number of invitations, add approximately 25 invitations to your order: 10-12 more for keepsakes, plus extras for the last-minute guests. Also, depending on how large your order is, add 25 to 50 additional envelopes in case of mistakes in addressing; 5. Expert planners agree that the wedding invitations need to be mailed out no later than six-weeks before the wedding date.

It's imperative to allow the guests plenty of time to respond; 6. Make sure you have one completely assembled invitation weighed at the post office to determine the correct postage. To Summarize Wedding stationery is very important. It let's your guests know the theme you have set for your wedding - the overall image you want to portray. Also, don't forget to plan ahead!.

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