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6 Tips For Attracting Woman

by Tim Lee

Dating is not easy for everyone. To some it could an exciting and fun activity that allows them to meet other people, and maybe even their potential life partner! But for others, this ritual can feel like a slow and painful torture, leading to an execution; especially for those men who do not have much luck when it comes to attracting women.

Here are the tips for attracting woman:

(1) Men should learn how to read body language. Chances are that there are a lot of women around them that are trying to catch their attention, but they just fail to see the signs! Some of the signs that a women is interested includes:

- They bite their lips a lot

- Every now and then, they gaze at you

- They twirl their hair while looking at you for no apparent reason whatsoever

When men see women who are displaying these mannerism toward their line of vision, they should immediately stop everything they are doing. They should then approach the women with a ready smile, and some witty conversation!

(2) Be approachable. Men who want to meet women should all the more be friendly when in the presence of women. During parties, why not strike up a conversation with the women that catches your eyes. You see, most women still expect guys to make the first move.

(3) Okay, so a man does not have to be the most good looking guy in the room, but at least he has to be clean and presentable! Women are not going to go for guys who have poor grooming habits. When going out, men should always wear clean clothes, comb their hair, and never douse themselves with after shave. A little is okay, but a lot can be too much to take, and may send the women scurrying away in the other direction!

(4) Make eye contact. It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul. What better way to connect with a woman than to show her a glimpse of your soul. Men can do do this by eye locking with the woman of their dreams while telephatically sending her unspoken love messages.

(5) Get rich. Surveys have shown that when it comes to men, women go for security. When men have money in the bank, looks doesn't even factor in. To some women the thought of having security and being financially stable overcomes their preference for good looks.

This is actually good news to a lot of average looking guys who think that they have no chance of landing those really gorgeous women that are way out of their league. In away, for some money evens out the playing field. Since women nowadays, do not necessarily place aesthetic value on the top of their list when it comes to the attributes that they find attractive in a man.

(6) Have clever things to say! When guys approach a woman they should have some prepared topics of conversation that they can pull off their sleeves. This is so when the get tongue tied they do not completely lose face!

Women love men with a great personality! Someone who can make them laugh, someone who is amusing, and also be in touched with their feminine side to actually be sensitive to all their womanly needs.

Attracting women is not as hard as it may seem for some men. The secret is to know the tricks of the trade. Guys should not just expect the girl of their dreams to just magically land on their doorstep. They should make it happen. By putting in some hard work and a lot of effort into making this life long fantasy a reality.

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