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Meeting The Girl Of Your Dreams Through Online Dating

A lot of people like to make their first moves in the online dating game by making contact through email.

It is very exciting, the thought of going from anonymous emails, to getting an actual date, so lets see how it works. From initial attraction to a face to face date, it is important to take your time. Starting from a look at their picture, to exchanging, send a smile, and emails, it all takes time to build trust, to get to a first real date. So, what do you do, and how do you go about it. [Read More]

Special Friends -- The Thin Gray Line Between A Special Friend And Lover

Love and friendship are often considered as the two sides of the same coin. One can not survive away from the other. Still there is a thin line between a friend and a lover; and if someone does not probe deep in to the relationship, often the thin grey line between the 'special friend' and lover may seem blurred and unrecognizable. [Read More]

First date kiss

Without a doubt, a first date kiss is an important time for a woman. Most women love kissing and if they can find the perfect kiss, that is even better. Some women do not kiss on the first date, which is perfectly fine. However, if you do not mind kissing on the first date, you dream of something great and memorable! [Read More]

Just How Does A Guy Meet A Girl, Anyway?

Hello Doc:

I've never really known much of anything about dating. I'm 26 years old and I've never had a serious relationship. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of knowledge over the years and I feel like I'm sunk. [Read More]

Finding Love After Divorce--Can it Be Done?

The idea of happily ever after when you say "I do" the first time is only the reality for about half of couples. The rest of the individuals get divorced for many reasons. Some couples divorce because they were never really in love, some due to infidelity, and others because of financial problems, and still others due to other various issues. For all of these individuals who do not have successful marriages the world does not end and their opportunities for finding true love and a successful relationship do not either. In fact, after a divorce an individual might be more prepared for a new relationship once they have healed because they are experienced and know better what to do and not to do in a relationship. Consider the following tips to help you find love after a divorce. [Read More]

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